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TANGRAM 3D Wall Panel
A pleasant space, a noble life and a unique world are all seeking the most appropriate expression here. On the basis of the designers ,we also could provide more personality choices for the clients and created charming space .Our brand TANGRAM 3d wall panel not only has strong advantages of the products but also use the unique angle of view and the charm of personality to bring clients the new product and services.
3D Wall Panel Custom Design
  • Step 1
    Provide 3d wall panel design photo as clear as possible and mark the detail size for each panel . Our max size is not over 600x2700 mm . Our PMD team will evaluate whether this design can be made or not . 3d leather wall panel is produce by mold, that’s why we set MOQ 500 sqm per design for custom made .

  • Step 2
    PMD team will draw a draft drawing according to 3d wall panel design provide by the customer . Mold engraving will be carried out after design approved . It will take 7 days .

  • Step 3
    Upload the new mold to production line and make out completely panels . Kindly take note that , this 3d leather wall panel custom made design will only be reserved for customized customers and will not be sold to other customers .

3D Wall Panel Gallery
TANGRAM 3D leather wall panel have come out with most elegant dimensions, color, patterns, designs, styles and look and feel to complement any space . It works great for kindergarten 3d wall panel due to its softness and high rebound .As a decor element , you can make your home an enjoyable place to live without much expenses or efforts. Just try home 3d wall panel.Without any construction or cement work, you can get these installed or removed anytime and anywhere. A symbol of elegance and luxury, TANGRAM hotel 3d leather wall panel will make sure that the space really shines out.Especially for amazing bed headboard and its soundproof function .

Just like a tangram

How To Install 3D Wall Panel

3D Wall Panel installation process is surprisingly simple.
Step1 Measure the area, decide on a layout and mark the wall.

Step2 Using regular hot-melt glue gun, drop a few melted hot glue dabs on the corners, and mix with silicon or nail free glue (back side of the tile) and press the tile to the wall. No need backboard wood ,it can even glue to concrete wall.

Step3 Hold it for about few second to let the glue harden and cool.

Endless 3D Wall Panel Creativity

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