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Project  Ideas

Resturant wall
Home theater
Stair case Wall
Cinema wall
Interior roof decoration-ceiling
Lliving room
Synthetic leather wall
Reading room
Reading room
Corridor wall
TV wall
TV background wall
sofa wall
Soft wall
Sofa wall

Finished projects

Ceiling in Australia
Club in USA
Hotel Bedhead in Colombia
Hotel Hall in Middle  East
Luxury Bathroom in Malaysia
Meeting Room in Netherlands
Office Wall in Dubai
Police Station in China
Sofa Wall in Hungary
Stairs Metope in Austria
TV Wall in HK
Sofa Wall In Chile
Recent Content
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Coco Chanel Project photos

Life is poisonous, we can't find the antidote, but we can relieve the pain. By music, by food, by beautiful scenery, by loving ainimal, by decorating our own space where we live and work.

Kindergarten early education center

Children are the hope of the future, and parents are more willing to choose healthy and safe products. We have cooperated with many famous kindergartens . TANGRAM 3d soft leather wall panel can be glued directly on the blank wall, no need wood board or MDF board on the back . It can reduce project c

Villas in Bolivia

Villa project located in Bolivia. The owner told us that they want something different . TANGRAM 3d soft leather wall panel made it happen . Replace of normal wall arts , gold silk textured surface mosaics all over the wall are amazing as soon as people enter the door . It seems casual, but it has a

MAD night club project

Timeless, yet of-the-moment, the classic hexagon mosaic design always achieves the perfect balance of space elements in a bold way . Project located in Sweden , All the wall in this nigh club covered by TANGRAM 3d soft leather wall panel . Black wove textured leather with sparkle are very low-key a

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