42.5x60 Pu Indoor 3d Wall Panel
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42.5x60 Pu Indoor 3d Wall Panel

*Material- Soft PU foam embossed with Synthetic PU leather
*Weight- 470g±10% per pcs
*Color- Customized from brochure
*Carton Capacity- 3.06 square meters /18 pcs
*MOQ : 50 SQM
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As a decor element, wall panels are an excellent way to break up wall space. This can be achieved by paneling the entire wall, upper or lower half of the wall, creating random pattern accent wall designs. 3D soft Leather panels are available in various colors, texture and patterns.

Produce Process:

Make the synthetic leather with 3D design in the mold, inject liquid A and B PU materials in.

There is chemical reaction and start bubbling to become soft foam. During the reaction, the foam will be sticky to catch the leather surface strongly. Then cover another leather on the back for water and moisture proof.

After few minutes, the 3D leather panel is made. Because there is no glue in the whole process,it's a ONE BODY with healthy & long life products.

1.     Suitable for Interior  use and around Fireplace.
2.     Eco-Friendly.
3.     Surface is softness touch
4.     Rigid with Cushioning hardness-Dent Proof
5.     Superior High impact resistance up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic.
6.     Excellent fire retardant property.
7.     Zero Sharp Edges-Kids safe
8.     Enhanced Durability.
9.     Excellent flame and fire retardant properties.
10.    Perfect application around fireplace.
11.    Excellent water- repellant, waterproof, moisture proof.
12.    Anti-fungal, Anti-bacteria and resistance to water.
13.    High resistance to most chemicals
14.    No mutation to heat, cold, freeze and defrost.
15.    Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance
16.    Perfect cold resistance performance
17.    Easy and simple installation with uniform edges.
18.    Quick installation System.
19.    Simple Integration
20.    Save on labor cost.
21.    Excellent Soundproof qualities. Sound absorbent- noise absorption
22.    Good thermal insulation and anti-humidity qualities
23.    Custom color available (min 500 square meter )
24.    Super Light weight
25.    Requires minimum maintenance.
26.    Fashionable modern design
28.    Not permeable.
29.    Zero Maintenance-Apply anti static spay so dust will never stick on panels
30.    Excellent fine and smooth surface.
31.    DIY (Recombine and rearrange panels into different designs
32.    Environmentally Friendly 
33.    Long life span to 15-20 years 
34.    Easy to clean (just with a piece of wet cloth)
35.    Ready goods ,not Paintable surface
36.    Anti-Tarnish
37.    Anti-aging
38.    Anti edge wrapping
39.    Highly Durable.
40.    Zero formaldehyde emission.
41.    innoxious and harmless.
43.    mould and pest resistant.
48.    Slightly flexible, it can be bent
49.    Easy to Cut :Panels can be cut with plastic-cutting blade.
50.    Unlimited Creativity.

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