Advantages of 3d wall panels
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Advantages of 3d wall panels

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As a decorative material that has emerged and become popular in recent years, 3d wall panel is very popular among consumers. 3d wall panels are gradually replacing traditional wallpaper and tiles. So, let us talk about the advantages of 3d wall panels in detail. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Good thermal insulation performance and strong thermal insulation performance. 

  • Sound insulation is good. 

  • Strong fire resistance. 

  • Strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance. 

  • High green environmental protection.

Good thermal insulation performance and strong thermal insulation performance. 

The insulation effect of 3d wall panels can exceed the existing national standards after testing by the national authority. The temperature difference between the 3d wall panel installation room and the ordinary panel installation room is 7 degrees, and the difference is 10 degrees compared with paint. It is the best material for wall decoration in the heat of summer in the south and cold in winter in the north. 3d wall panels have unique thermal insulation properties, which completely solve the sun exposure on the top floor of the space where the products are applied to balconies, sunrooms, and villas, and achieves obvious thermal insulation effects. 3d wall panels are also energy-saving decorative materials strongly advocated by the country.

Sound insulation is good. 

Tested by the national authority, the sound insulation effect of 3d wall panels is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of real walls.  For example, the use of 3d wall panels for the decoration of bathroom walls can solve the water noise of the sewer pipes. 3d wall panels can also be applied to various soundproof rooms in factories to effectively reduce noise.

Strong fire resistance. 

The fire protection rating of the national authority has reached the B1 level, and the 3d wall panel meets the fire protection requirements of the project. The 3d wall panel is made of flame-retardant materials, which will extinguish when the fire is removed. The 3d wall panel puts safety first. 

Strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance. 

3d wall panels have moisture-proof properties, which are especially suitable for southern decoration. 3d wall panels can well solve the problem of moldy caused by wall leakage in southern home decoration.

High green environmental protection. 

The 3d wall panel is strictly and delicate in material selection. The raw materials used on the surface are all environmentally friendly, and the installed room is environmentally friendly and tasteless. In the overall decoration process of the room, the installation of 3D wall panels omitted the painting process, thus solving the problem of paint smell. For example, some residents who are anxious to move into a new house, but are worried that latex paint wallpaper will have a dry volatilization period and have a peculiar smell, can use 3d wall panels for decoration. The installation of 3d wall panels is simple and fast, and you can move in directly after installation, which has saved a lot of time.

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