Biodegradable Interior Design Indoor Big Wall Panel
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Biodegradable Interior Design Indoor Big Wall Panel

Size: 600x2700x6mm
Self Adhesive 3D Wall Sheet for interior wall and ceiling decoration
  • Dior Love

  • Tangram

  • 391890

Product Parameter:

Item No. Dioor Love Material Surface synthetic leather, inside high density PU foam
Product Size 600x2700x6mm Packing Detail 20pcs=32.4sqm into a 5 layers master carton
Carton Size 272 x 18 x 62cm=0.31m³=65kgs Competitive Point Processing technology and splicing patents. Own R&D team and production line, quality control department, test reports, CE & Made-in-China Certifications.
Application Interior wall or any surface covering MOQ 50 sqm/item
Features Soundproof, Waterproof, Moisture proof, Fire retardant, Zero formaldehyde, Soft & Anti Collision, Keep warm/cool, Light weight, Easy installation, Anti Oxidant, Long life time at least 10 years...
Loading Port Xiamen of China or assigned port Terms of Payment 40% deposit before production+ 60% balance before shipment by T/T. Bulk cargo 100% paid before production.

One minute to know about our 3d leather panels:

(1) Regular shape size: 60 x 60 x 1.0cm/1.5cm/2.2cm,  irregular designs and big wall sheet. 

(2) Material: Surface covered by synthetic PU leather, inside filled with high density memory foam.

(3) Features: zero-formaldehyde, water/moisture proof, fire retardant,  sound proof, soft & high rebound, easy installation, light weight, long life time, secondary use... 

(4) Application: retail shop, lounge, window display, kindergarten, baby center, circle column, home theater, bedroom, living room, wardrobe, door, ground mat, hotel, cinema, theater, club, restaurant, beauty salon, cafe shop...

(5) Simple & elegant & fashionable design.....


Dior Love 组图1

Dior Love HS-505B

Dior Love V-810

Dior Love V-802

Excellent features of 3d leather panels: 

1. Suitable for Interior and exterior use and around Fireplace. 

2. Eco-Friendly. 

3. Surface is rock hard. 

4. Rigid with Cushioning hardness-Dent Proof.

5. Superior High impact resistance up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic. 

6. Excellent fire?retardant property. 

7. Zero Sharp Edges-Kids safe. 

8. Enhanced Durability. 

9. Excellent flame and fire retardant properties. 

10. Perfect application around fireplace. 

11. Excellent water- repellant, waterproof, moisture proof. 

12. Anti-fungal, Anti-bacteria and resistance to water. 

13. High resistance to most chemicals.

14. No mutation to heat, cold, freeze and defrost. 

15. Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance. 

16. Perfect cold resistance performance.

17. Easy and simple installation with uniform edges. 

18. Quick installation System. 

19. Simple Integration. 

20. Save on labor cost. 

21. Excellent Soundproof qualities. Sound absorbent- noise absorption. 

22. Good thermal insulation and anti-humidity qualities. 

23. Custom color available (min 10000sqft) .

24. Super Light weight. 

25. Requires minimum maintenance. 

26. Fashionable modern design.

28. Not permeable. 

29. Zero Maintenance-Apply anti static spay so dust will never stick on panels .

30. Excellent fine and smooth surface. 

31. DIY (Recombine and rearrange panels into different designs. 

32. Environmentally Friendly.

33. Long life span to 15-20 years.

34. Easy to clean (just with a piece of wet cloth) 

35. Anti-Tarnish.

36. Anti-aging.

37. Anti edge wrapping.

38. Highly Durable. 

39. Zero formaldehyde emission. 

41. Innoxious and harmless. 

42. Mould and pest resistant. 

43. Slightly flexible, it can be bent.

44. Easy to Cut :Panels can be cut with plastic-cutting blade. 

45. Unlimited Creativity. 


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