Coco Chanel Project photos
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Coco Chanel Project photos

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  • Fashion is a magical and indescribable thing, some can last for a few decades like the jeans. Some was once popular for a certain time and abandoned, some are popular again after a certain time like a song that gets a hit by a cover...

  • While The "Coco Chanel" wants to be the special case that once it is known by the customers, and stands on the wall for a century time. Irregular shape allows it to be refreshing and 4D effective view brings Strong visual impact while metallic surface takes away some of its edge, which makes it durable in looking, together with it's original high quality that reminds the same color, it seems never fade away. 

  • As the years go by, when you look at it, all you think about and recall is about happiness and memories.

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coco chanel project 01coco chanel project

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