Colorful 3d wall panels
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Colorful 3d wall panels

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For a good life, there are a thousand blueprints for a thousand people. If you compare it to a wonderful dreamland, then 3d wall panels are the dream makers of a better life and ideal home. From the moment of its birth, 3d wall panels have been given the great mission of building a beautiful home with heart and affection. Next, let us understand the colorful 3d wall panels. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a 3d wall panel? 

  • Comparison of 3d wall panel and traditional decoration. 

  • Variety of styles, customers can customize everything they want. 

  • The home does not have to be static.

What is a 3d wall panel? 

The 3d wall panel uses plant fibers as raw materials and mechanical flow operation, which overcomes the technical problems and performance defects of similar products. 3d wall panel products are green, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose, and ultra-low prices. With the cost of wallpaper decoration, they create a super three-dimensional decoration style, which is favored by consumers and set off a trend of 3d wall panel decoration. 3d wall panels also have the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture-proof and waterproof. In the field of home decoration, 3d wall panels have excellent environmental performance. It can be said that the birth of 3d wall panels has refreshed people's previous understanding of decoration materials such as wallpaper and paint.

Comparison of 3d wall panel and traditional decoration. 

Compared with traditional decoration, 3d wall panels have shortened the construction period several times, which can effectively save costs. Secondly, the 3d wall panel can be directly installed and used on the rough wall without other decoration materials and losses. Although the price of 3d wall panels is slightly higher in terms of unit price, overall, the cost-effectiveness of using 3d wall panels in home improvement, hospitals, office buildings, and schools is still very high. In addition, compared with latex paint and wallpaper wall covering, 3d wall panels are easy to clean and moisture-proof, and will not cause mildew and fall off due to dampness. Therefore, using 3d wall panels for decoration will not incur any maintenance costs in the later stage, once and for all.

Variety of styles, customers can customize everything they want. 

3d wall panels have various styles. Whether it is a modern style that simplifies the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum, or a pastoral style that is close to nature and yearning for nature through decoration and decoration, it expresses a leisurely, comfortable, and natural lifestyle, or it is simple, clean and bright Nordic style, etc., 3d wall panels can all be realized for users. The customizable function of 3d wall panels provides more possibilities for home decoration.

The home does not have to be static.

In the hot summer, bright and fresh blue 3d wall panels can add a touch of color to the home, drive away from the dullness of summer, and make the home immediately full of vitality. There is more than one side of life, 3d wall panels can provide unlimited possibilities.

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