Homelife experience brought by 3d wall panels
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Homelife experience brought by 3d wall panels

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Whether it is from the perspective of green and environmental protection of 3d wall panels, functional perspective, or decorative perspective, 3d wall panels make our quality of life have a qualitative leap. Our life has also become particularly colorful because of the decoration of 3d wall panels. Next, let us talk about the home life experience brought by 3d wall panels. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Experience the beauty of natural art

  • Eliminate decoration pollution from the source

  • There is no problem with mildew on the wall

  • Enjoy a high-quality sleep environment

Experience the beauty of natural art

3d wall panel products are beautiful and diverse in shape and rich in colors, with a texture that other wall materials can't replace. The 3d wall panel product itself is more grounded, all the designs come from life and nature. Coupled with the different styles and colors of the 3d wall panel, the overall effect is a work of art.

Eliminate decoration pollution from the source

The 3d wall panel does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and has no peculiar smell. The 3d wall panel eliminates the release of harmful substances from the source, achieving the purpose of moving in after finishing the decoration. 3d wall panels can also adjust indoor humidity. The unique structure of 3d wall panel can also continuously absorb or release water according to the changes of the ambient air humidity in different seasons and mornings and evenings, automatically adjust the indoor air humidity to be relatively stable, and avoid the discomfort caused by excessive humidity or dryness.

There is no problem with mildew on the wall

The 3d wall panel uses green and environmentally friendly raw materials and has the function of breathing and humidity adjustment, which is naturally not easy to grow mold. 3d wall panels become the best choice for home improvement tooling wall decoration, users no longer need to worry about moldy walls during the rainy season. Choosing a regular 3d wall panel can better ensure the quality of the wall panel and realize the green decoration.

Enjoy a high-quality sleep environment

The sound insulation effect of 3d wall panels is very good. The sound insulation of the overall background wallboard is 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of most half-solid walls. For example, the sound of the downpipe in the bedroom and bathroom can be well absorbed. The diffuse reflection of the sound produced by the 3d wall panel can effectively buffer the impact of heavy bass, and the material of the 3d wall panel itself can well absorb bad sounds and sharp waves, thereby forming a three-level noise reduction function, which greatly improves the quality of sleep. 

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