How to choose a 3D wall covering?
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How to choose a 3D wall covering?

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With the rapid development of society, people's demand for wall coatings is increasing. With more and more types of 3D wall coverings pouring into the market, so consumers don’t know how to choose a 3D wall covering. There are also many purchasing skills when purchasing.

Here is the content list:

  • Pay attention to safety

  • Pay attention to flavor

  • Pay attention to regular manufacturers

  • Pay attention to professionalism and supporting performance

Pay attention to safety

For products, high-quality 3D wall coverings must be tasteless and environmentally friendly. Today, with the rapid development of chemical processing technology, many 3D wall coverings companies often add a large number of chemical additives in the 3D wall coverings in order to make the paint and coating more shiny and beautiful, resulting in increased toxicity of the paint and coating. This will greatly endanger people's health, especially for families with children. Therefore, the owner must purchase environmentally friendly 3D wall coverings when purchasing 3D wall coverings, preferably with a small number of chemical components and minerals. Only by choosing safe products can our health be guaranteed.

Pay attention to flavor

When choosing 3D wall coverings, Good 3D wall coverings have a fresh smell and excellent performance. Generally, the negative effects of low-quality3D wall coverings are very obvious after use. For example, when spraying, the aroma of 3D wall coverings will dissipate for a while; in rainy or humid weather, the paints and coatings will foam, yellow and peel; when the coatings inadvertently come into contact with open flames, they will release odor Heavy harmful substances. And high-quality 3D wall coverings will not cause these problems.

Pay attention to regular manufacturers

When choosing 3D wall coverings, be sure to choose regular manufacturers and big-brand products. When purchasing related 3D wall coverings, we must go to reputable and regular manufacturers or specialty stores to purchase materials. In particular, we must recognize the labels on the product packaging, especially the factory name, factory address, production date, product standard number, and expiry date. And product manuals, etc. And you can also go to the authoritative professional 3D wall coverings website to inquire about the latest color-grain paint information and help us choose high-quality products.


Pay attention to professionalism and supporting performance

Depending on the texture, color, structure, and use of the board, the design and process of the 3D wall coverings are also different, which requires the product manufacturer to provide consumers with technical guidance and after-sales service. Therefore, when choosing products from regular manufacturers, you must also pay attention to the environmental performance of the products. Powerful manufacturers will have strict requirements on the environmental performance of the products. Consumers can refer to the certification of the Technical Supervision Bureau, the China Environmental Labeling Certification Commission, and other relevant authorities to purchase.


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