How to choose leather wall panels?
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How to choose leather wall panels?

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People will consider the economic situation of their homes when decorating. In addition to the economic situation, they also want to decorate their homes in a safer and more fashionable style. There are countless leather wall panels on the market now, so consumers don’t know what they are wrong when they buy. There are also many purchasing skills when purchasing.

Here is the content list:

  • See quality

  • Watch service

  • See environmental protection

  • See details

  • Other

See quality

For products, good quality is the first condition. Practicality is also the most basic requirement of leather wall panel products. If it is not practical, the decoration of the kitchen and bathroom will lose their original meaning. The market price of leather wall panel products ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan per square meter, and there are many low prices. The gusset modules of the special products are all made of waste materials, the material is light and thin, and the service life is short. Consumers should pay more attention to the quality of the gusset when purchasing products, and also pay attention to electrical modules such as heating modules, ventilation modules, and lighting modules. Whether it has passed international quality certification, etc. 

Watch service

When choosing leather wall panels, service is also an important indicator. Excellent service can effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of consumers and effectively ensure the daily use of products. Many dealers’ products are shoddy and have a short shelf life, which seriously damages the rights and interests of consumers, so consumers should choose integrated wallboard products with good sales service, good brand reputation, and long shelf life.

See environmental protection

In recent years, various health problems have emerged in decoration. In our daily life, health is one of the most concerning issues. Especially in daily life, formaldehyde is the most troublesome toxic substance. A good leather wall panel eliminates the problem of formaldehyde from the source, creating a healthy and green environment for consumers.

See details

All major elements must also be considered, and the details cannot be ignored. For example, when consumers choose leather wall panels, they often only pay attention to the mainboard part and ignore the internal materials under the misleading of the merchants. This part of the auxiliary materials is equivalent to the foundation and beams of the building. Cutting corners is very easy to rust and deform, resulting in leather wall panels sink or even collapse.


The color, size, and shape of the leather wall panel can also be customized according to the needs, but when using it, please pay attention to prevent it from being installed in a local installation with ultraviolet rays, otherwise, it will simply age and affect the use.

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