How to clean and maintain Diy leather mosaic?
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How to clean and maintain Diy leather mosaic?

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In daily life, most things need to be maintained. For example, we only need to master the correct cleaning and maintenance knowledge of Diy leather mosaic, thus eliminating the trouble of cleaning and maintenance. So how to clean and maintain the Diy leather mosaic, let us see below.

  • Daily cleaning

  • Daily maintenance

  • How to clean stains

  • Precautions

Daily cleaning

(1) Wipe with clean water cotton cloth

It can be wiped clean with clean water and absorbent cotton cloth. Because the surface of Diy leather mosaic is relatively flat, it is not easy to hide dirt, so it is very convenient when cleaning. In addition, you can also use a neutral brightener to wipe, which helps the mosaic surface to keep bright.

(2) Scrub the Diy leather mosaic with a detergent

If it is the floor and there is no drainage system on the ground, first take a vacuum cleaner to vacuum it, then add water with the detergent, and wipe it with a wrung rag. It is almost the same. If it is the floor of the shower room, there is a kind of spraying directly after the shower every day, and it is necessary to use a soap-removing function.

Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of Diy leather mosaic wall and floor needs to pay attention to several points. One is to prevent heavy objects from hitting; the other is if there is a mosaic that falls off or is missing, it needs to be patched with the same type of mosaic; the third is to clean it in time in daily routines. Clean it up, and be sure to clean it once a week.

How to clean stains

Cleaning the stains of Diy leather mosaic is divided into three steps

1. Clean the Diy leather mosaic after paving

When the bonding layer and jointing mortar are finally set, you can start to clean the mosaic surface. For cleaning, you need to prepare two buckets, one for new detergent and the other for clean water. First, soak a cloth in the bucket with detergent without wringing it out, and then circularly wipe the mosaic surface: then in the second Soak a sponge in a clean bucket, and then wipe the surface of the mosaic with the sponge to wipe off all the residue. Finally, wipe the surface with a sponge again until it is clean.

2. Check the details after Diy leather mosaic paving

After all the walls are paved, the adhesive layer is finally set, and after the jointing is completed, do another check. The floating sand left in the seam can be gently taken out with a clean damp soft brush, and the excess rice strips Use 1:1 cement mortar to smooth the split joints and then wipe them with a cloth. When the bonding layer and jointing mortar are finally set, clean them.

3. Do a good job of ventilation after paving

After the Diy leather mosaic paving is completed, attention should be paid to the protection of the finished product, and proper air drying can be carried out. The surface layer that has just been paved should avoid sun exposure, and the room should be properly ventilated. It should be maintained until about 24 hours after the completion of the work. Generally, the post-maintenance of the mosaic should be no less than 7 days.


To emphasize, if the leather to be washed is expensive, it is best to use dry cleaning or let a professional handle it.

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