How to install leather wall panels
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How to install leather wall panels

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The leather wall panel is a house structure with a load-bearing system composed of walls and floors. The load-bearing wall of the leather wall panel structure can be made of bricks, blocks, prefabricated or cast-in-place concrete. In modern decoration space, wall decoration no longer only uses paint, but also uses many new products. For example, the use of leather wall panels is very common. What is the installation method of leather wall panels? Many owners are curious, so let's take a look at the following content!

Here is the content list:

  • Before installation

  • When installing

Before installation

First of all, clean up the construction wall, make sure it is free of impurities, and smooth out the bumps and bumps. Secondly, carry out the measurement, divide the grid, and install the keel. Then start the installation from the top of the wall. According to the design drawings, buckle the leather wall panels to the front panel in turn, and fix them with fasteners. Finally, check the installation details, clean the surface and keep it dry.

Before installing the leather wall panel, we should prepare the tools to be used to facilitate the smooth development of the later processes, such as rulers, building wood squares, etc. It is worth mentioning that the quality of these tools has to pass. If the quality is not good, it often leads to improper construction. In addition, the design and color of the leather wall panels have been repeatedly confirmed. When the materials enter the field, they should be placed in a safe place.

In addition, before installing the leather wall panel, you need to measure the wall with a ruler, and the top surface should also be measured. This is done to avoid excessive costs during the installation process.

When installing

When installing, the construction should be combined with the design plan. First, fix the keel at the corresponding position on the wall, and then consider the deployment of the line. If the water and electricity pipelines are laid on the installation wall, the construction should be slotted in advance. Then follow the drawings and follow the steps to construct. If there is a switch socket, you need to reserve the position.

In addition, due to the characteristics of leather wall panels, seams are often required during installation. Among them, its surface height difference should be less than 0.5 mm, and the size should not exceed 2 mm, and the gap between the leather wall panels should be the same size. When the leather wall panel is installed, we need to check these details to avoid inconvenience in use in the future.

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