How to install the 3D leather wall sheet?
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How to install the 3D leather wall sheet?

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The 3D leather wall sheet is a new type of decorative design material with an exclusive patent. It is a practical product, but its installation method is difficult. Now, let us introduce in detail how to install it.

Here is the content:

  • Wall requirements

  • Installation tool

  • Installation accessories

  • Accessories for coloring 

  • Installation method

Wall requirements

To install the 3D leather wall sheet, there are two requirements for the wall. One is the wall should be flat, smooth, and free of dust. Another is if it is a cement wall, you need to put a layer of putty or brush a layer of latex paint as a primer, which is more suitable for glue paste.

Installation tool

1. Level meter-used for marking.

2. Pencil-used to draw lines.

3. Glue bucket-used to pack glue.

4. Brush-used for brushing glue.

5. 500 mesh fine sandpaper-used for trimming and flattening and caulking.

6. Ladder-used for climbing.

7. Spray gun-used for spraying latex paint or wood paint.

8. Large wallpaper knife-used for cutting products.

9. Ultra-thin grinding wheel saw (angle grinder)-used for cutting products is more efficient than wallpaper knife cutting products.

Installation accessories

To install the 3D leather wall sheet, two installation accessories are needed. Universal glue or white latex-used to paste products. Clean water and soap for hand-washing to prevent contamination of the product.

Accessories for coloring

Filler (putty)-It is recommended that when the original color of the plain board product is not colored, do not use putty, which will make the 3D leather wall sheet products more natural and beautiful. Primer-lower-cost paint can be used as a primer. Latex paint-for coloring as needed.

Installation method

(1) Installation preparation

First, check whether the wall meets the requirements for pasting a 3D leather wall sheet. If it does not meet the requirements, further processing is required. If the requirements are already met, you can proceed to the next step. Prepare the plain boards or colored boards and the corresponding tools and accessories. According to the size of the paste area, arrange suitable personnel to operate and install.

(2) installation steps

Measurement-Measure the size on the wall that meets the requirements, and mark the location according to the design requirements, and find the middle position of the paste.

Brush glue-Do does not dip the brush too much glue, so as not to drip to other places and pollute the environment. Both walls and products need to be brushed with some glue so that the sticking effect is better. Brush the glue evenly, and particularly brush the edges and corners of the product. 

(3) Close

Cutting-When cutting with a wallpaper knife, it must be cut repeatedly until it is cut; when cutting with an angle grinder, just draw the line and cut along the line in sequence.

Finishing—Finally, finish the edge according to the design requirements; for edge trimming, it is best to collect the cut edges in the internal corner or use the trim strips for edge finishing.

(4) Coloring

Gap treatment-when you need to paint, use a caulking agent to fill the gaps, and when it is dry, use fine sandpaper to smooth it.

Use of the spray gun-clean the inside, outside, and pipes of the spray gun before use, adjust the nozzle to a suitable position until the sprayed mist paint is not easy to flow; pull the trigger of the spray gun with appropriate force.

Primer spray-spray primer, after the primer dries, perform surface treatment until it is smooth.

Topcoat treatment-spray topcoat until satisfactory.

Although the installation method is a bit complicated, our company can provide you with perfect 3D leather wall sheet products. These products have fast construction, few joints, and lavishness. If you need more information, you can contact us: 

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