Information about 3d wall panel
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Information about 3d wall panel

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3d wall panel is a fashionable, environmentally friendly, elegant, and versatile interior decoration developed by our company in response to market demand. 3d wall panel is a product that further beautifies the traditional wallpaper and ceramic tiles in the past, so 3d wall panel has more advantages. Next, let us learn some information about 3d wall panels. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Its product design philosophy

  • It has many advantages

  • It has a wide range of uses

Its product design philosophy. 

With the improvement of living standards and the increasing requirements for high-quality decoration, people are no longer satisfied with traditional wallpaper and ceramic tiles to decorate their houses. Therefore, TANGRAM launched a new design product, namely 3d wall panel, in response to market demand. 3d wall panel is a bold exploration of traditional wallpaper and ceramic tiles, and continuous innovation. In recent years, our company has always paid attention to the latest developments of domestic and foreign decorative materials and explored the development and application of new materials, new technologies, new styles, and new products for 3d wall panels. 3d wall panel products are not only green and environmentally friendly but also can achieve multiple uses of one material. At the same time, 3d wall panels have created a super three-dimensional decoration style with low prices and the cost of wallpaper decoration, which is favored by consumers and set off a trend of 3d three-dimensional wall panel decoration.

It has many advantages.

3d wall panels have many advantages. The 3d wall panel uses green environmentally friendly polymer materials, no formaldehyde release, healthy and more environmentally friendly. The 3d wall panel is excellent in material selection and has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof, fire-proof and crack-resistant, abrasion-resistant and abrasion resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, and noise reduction. It is easy to install and dismantle without damaging the wall, and it is installed and lives. In addition, the surface of the 3d wall panel is printed and painted with 3d technology, the style is vivid and exquisite, which can also be provided to customize the products they want according to the needs of customers.

It has a wide range of uses. 

The 3d wall panel is easy to install and has a long service life, which makes the 3d wall panel not only used many times but also has a wide range of uses. 3d wall panels are not only used in bedrooms, living rooms, wardrobes, doors, home theaters, and other home furnishings but also widely used in hotels, cafes, beauty salons, retail stores, kindergartens, hospitals, and other commercial areas and public areas.

Our official website is If you are engaged in related industries or are interested in 3d wall panels, please feel free to contact us. Relying on a strong professional product design team and high-quality products, our company is unique in the market and has strong brand awareness, reputation, and influence. We believe that our cost-effective products are not only loved by other customers but will also satisfy you.

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