Installation advantages of 3d leather wall panel
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Installation advantages of 3d leather wall panel

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Tangram 3d leather wall panels are more and more popular not only because their elegant design and high quality quality, but also due to excellent features of the 3d leather wall panels: soundproof, light weight, fire retardant,water/moisture proof, zero formaldehyde...etc. But today we are going to expand and elaborate on the installation advantages of 3d leather wall panel.

(1) There are small mosaic series, 60x60cm wave panel series, irregular shape 4D series, and even max length 270cm of Tangram 3d leather wall panel, the customers have more choices for their home decoration. Unlike other wall panels the size can be only 40x40cm and shapes is very regular. What’s more, our mosaic series of 3d leather wall panel is very random installation and fashionable.

(2) Tangram 3d leather wall panel are convenient, unlike other wall panels, it doesn’t  need any back board, can be even stick to a concrete wall. With the help of silicone glue + hot melt glue, one man can easily finish the installation project in short time. As we all know, labor costs are very high in many countries, and the 3d leather wall panels are time saving, save time is save money.  

(3) The 3d leather wall panel is highly inclusive during the installation, some of them can be even covered on the columns because they are super soft. While other mold made panels are hard to bend that can only be installed on flat surface.

(4) 3d leather wall panel can be easily cut by a small box cutter, while other wall panels needs electric saw, which increases the risk factor and carrying trouble as well as the cost. It comes out that the edge of our 3d leather wall panel is still very smooth without any curl after cutting.


If you want to know more about information about our 3d leather wall panels, welcome to visit our website Tangram supplies strong competitive products, and is original. 

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