Introduction of 3D wall covering?
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Introduction of 3D wall covering?

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3D wall covering is a "new type" wall decoration covering developed based on traditional latex paint in combination with the advantages and practicality of other wall materials. Because it is different from the simple "brushing, painting, rolling, wiping, spraying" process of traditional paint, it adopts a variety of artistic methods to combine construction, so it is called 3D wall covering. In addition, what else do you know about 3D wall covering? More introduction follows.

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  • Features

  • Advantage

  • Scope of use


The wall decorated with 3D wall covering can form a satin effect, reaching hundreds of patterns in various colors. 3D wall covering is patchy, silky overflowing, and different angles can produce different colors. 3D wall covering is harmless, tasteless, and non-radioactive. Does not pollute the environment and has strong adhesion. Scrub resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no fading, no peeling, no cracking, and can be directly applied based on latex paint and imitation enamel paint.

3D wall coverings an advanced environmentally friendly wall art paint based on styrene-acrylic latex. This 3D wall covering product has the characteristics of the plump paint film, fine touch, mildew resistance, scrub resistance, and strong adhesion.

3D wall covering is very similar to wallpaper, and it will also have a bumpy texture effect, but because 3D wall covering is still a liquid paint, the effect after it is applied to the wall is called "liquid wallpaper". It has become a new product for wall decoration. The new type of art 3D wall covering through proprietary molds, patterns of different styles can be made on the wall.


3D wall covering is designed with individuality. This product can also be customized according to personal preferences. It can be customized to make a variety of personalized patterns, and it can also create products that meet the individual needs of the market to the greatest extent. Unique product. Moreover, the 3D wall covering product is not like traditional wallpaper, 3D wall covering will have warped edges, seams, and mildew after some time. Moreover, it will not be as complicated as this product needs to be subjected to secondary construction. 3D wall covering is also a non-toxic, non-polluting, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and other new features, and has a long service life. It can last for ten years as new and is more conducive to secondary decoration.

The main raw material of 3D wall covering is natural shells. The surface layer of the bio-like shell can be said to be truly green and environmentally friendly decorative building materials. 3D wall covering also has a wide variety of colors and patterns, and its patterns can be done whatever you want.

Scope of use

3D wall covering has a very wide range of applications. It can be applied to home decoration, hotels, restaurants, tea houses, and company logo decoration for easy construction. It can be said that it is also a kind of reasonable price, and the construction method is similar to that of interior wall paint.

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