The most popular style of 3d wall panels at the moment
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The most popular style of 3d wall panels at the moment

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The trend of flat patterns has passed, and the 3d wall panels with texture and three-dimensional effect have gradually become the most popular decorative elements. Especially 3d wall panels have become the trend material for home background wall decoration in recent years. So, let's take a look at the most popular styles of 3d wall panels at the moment. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Super three-dimensional triangle shape

  • Full of sci-fi feel of the hexagon

  • Dynamic corrugated weave shape

Super three-dimensional triangle shape

There are many changes in the splicing form of this triangular 3d wall panel. Users can assemble it in various ways like jigsaw puzzles. Different splicing methods of 3d wall panels will create different effects, and the changes are subtle. If you use this triangular 3d wall panel as a partial wall decoration, the lower edge is deliberately assembled to be "ragged" and leave a triangular sawtooth gap, coupled with a triangular decorative painting, everything will become more vivid and interesting. If you use this triangular 3d wall panel to make a painting-like theme wall in the center, the over-flat wall will immediately have a sense of texture. Although the color is single, it is also rich enough.

Full of sci-fi feel of the hexagon

The hexagonal 3d wall panel will remind viewers of the white hexagonal mosaic when they were young. However, it is now larger, combined with a strong concave-convex texture, with sharp edges and corners, and a sense of digital science fiction. Interspersing and matching plane and three-dimensional 3d wall panels, and some irregular jumps in the ordering will be the best choice for decoration! This hexagonal 3d wall panel not only has a strong sense of three-dimensionality but also has a clear texture. In addition, there are soft and gentle hexagonal 3d wall panels. There is a triangle in the middle of the hexagon, and the sides of the triangle are slightly curved. The slender lines and the not strong concavity and convexity make the sci-fi sense of this 3d wall panel bring a bit of gentleness.

Dynamic corrugated weave shape

In addition to interior decoration, 3d wall panels are also used on the facades of many buildings. This corrugated woven 3d wall panel is very suitable for outdoor applications. With the cooperation of lighting, it can present light and shadow effects that ordinary wall panels can't form, as if the building is put on a woven jacket. This corrugated woven style 3d wall panel is square as a whole, but the practical arc on its pattern creates some flowing effects, which looks like it is woven with cloth or rattan. Its surface is also covered with tiny stripes, which is exquisite enough whether it is viewed from a distance or close up. And different colors can be randomly matched by the customers themselves, pure white and clean, and colorful gouache dreams, which can customize different 3d wall panels for different spaces.

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