The relevant information of 3d wall panels
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The relevant information of 3d wall panels

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Nowadays, 3d wall panels as decorative materials are becoming more and more popular. From private areas such as home theaters, headboards, wardrobes, and floor mats, to commercial areas such as hotels, theaters, restaurants, and public areas such as window displays, government agencies, and baby centers, 3d wall panels are widely used. Next, let us talk about the relevant information on 3d wall panels. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Applicable to a wide range of walls 

  • The details are handled well

  • Precautions for construction

Applicable to a wide range of walls

3d wall panels are suitable for a variety of walls. For dry, firm, and overall flat walls, such as wallpaper walls, white-gray walls, wooden walls, ceramic tiles, etc., 3d wall panels can be directly constructed. However, if the old wall is old, it is necessary to clean the surface of the wall dust first, so that the 3d wall panel will be pasted more firmly and not easy to fall off. Some walls need to be processed before the 3d wall panels can be installed. For example, a wall that is easy to fall off white ash needs to be removed with a damp cloth, the wall with upturned wallpaper needs to be scratched off with a knife, and the wall with bulging and powdered needs to be knocked off first.

The details are handled well

The size of the 3d wall panel is accurate, and the error is controlled at about 0.2 mm. And the square 3d wall panel has a standard 90-degree right angle and smooth straight edges, while the curved 3d wall panel has a perfect arc and smooth arc edges.

Precautions for construction

When installing the 3d wall panel, if you use universal glue as the glue, it will smell and be difficult to operate in the early stage, so careful operation is required. In the squeegee stage, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniform squeegee to increase the adhesion of the 3d wall panel to the wall. And it needs to be dried for 3-5 minutes after brushing the glue. If you use nail-free glue to install the 3d wall panel, you need to pay attention that the nail-free glue is easy to solidify, so after finishing the glue, you must immediately complete the pasting. Nail-free glue is a commonly used glue in recent years. Although the cost is slightly higher, it does not need to wait like a universal glue after brushing, it can be glued immediately, and it is almost tasteless, and the adhesion is stronger. If you use double-sided tape to install the 3d wall panel, you must pay attention to both the accuracy of the sticking of the adhesive and the one-time sticking in place. Because tearing off the double-sided tape that has been pasted will cause the double-sided tape to stretch and deform and lose its adhesion. Therefore, whether it is to stick the double-sided tape on the 3d wall panel or stick the glued 3d wall panel on the wall, it needs to be pasted carefully.

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