Villas in Bolivia
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Villas in Bolivia

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Villa project located in Bolivia. The owner told us that they want something different . TANGRAM 3d soft synthetic leather wall panel made it happen . Replace of normal wall arts , gold silk textured surface mosaics all over the wall are amazing as soon as people enter the door . It seems casual, but it has a sense of design . 

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Bed room headboard apply with Wave panel series in size 600x600mm which composed of high density foam . Its high rebound means not ruffle,never deform. It has excellent effect of collision avoidance . White finishing let rooms more comfortable and peace. 

Everyone want a quite and private space in their house, a book, a cup of coffee, a comfortable sofa and a fashionable wall !

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The indoor swimming pool allows you to swim directly from indoor to outdoor. All the wall panels is Water and Moisture proof , no more worry about mildew like traditional paint or wallpaper . Use them in the bathroom is a Incredible idea .

Open type dining room and kitchen need more boutique and easy maintain materials. TANGRAM 3d soft leather wall panel is really easy to clean ,just wipe the surface with a damp cloth. 

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