What are the advantages of DIY leather mosaic?
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What are the advantages of DIY leather mosaic?

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The leather of DIY leather mosaic is synthetic leather. DIY leather mosaic is a material that is closer to natural leather in function and structure, but it is not artificial leather. Due to the price of DIY leather mosaics, the functional characteristics of DIY leather mosaics are better than artificial leather all day long. Low, all aspects of the characteristics are OK, so it occupies a large share in the market, DIY leather mosaic can be used to make leather shoes, luggage, and other products, then I will take you to understand the relevant content of DIY leather mosaic.

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DIY leather mosaic is a kind of leather processed with chemical raw materials, using non-woven fabric as the base material, and then adding artificial coating materials on both sides to make synthetic leather. DIY leather mosaic has the texture and appearance of genuine leather. The difference between DIY leather mosaic and artificial leather lies in the difference between the substrate and the coating. The base material of DIY leather mosaic is non-woven fabric, the artificial leather is a woven fabric, and the coating of artificial leather is PVC.


First of all, the functional properties of the DIY leather mosaic are closer to natural leather than artificial leather. DIY leather mosaic has excellent air permeability and good gloss. Secondly, a DIY leather mosaic has better abrasion resistance than real leather. Products made of the DIY leather mosaic are wear-resistant and not easily damaged. DIY leather mosaic also has certain corrosion resistance. The key is that DIY leather mosaic has the large output and low price, which can be used as a substitute for genuine leather.

DIY leather mosaic and genuine leather have very good practicality. The microfiber DIY leather mosaic has the characteristics of flame retardant, abrasion resistance, light resistance, and aging resistance. Of course, DIY leather mosaic and real leather can achieve a certain balance in overall performance.

The specific gravity of DIY leather mosaic is generally 0.6, while the specific gravity of microfiber leather is 0.3-0.5, which means that under the same conditions, microfiber leather is much lighter than DIY leather mosaic. For example, for a bag with similar material and pattern size, whether to distinguish genuine leather or microfiber leather, the weight that can be put is a lot for heavy leather.


At present, the wholesale price of DIY leather mosaics on the market ranges from ten to twenty yuan per yard, and quality is closely related to price.


The appearance of the microfiber DIY leather mosaic is very similar to that of real leather. The pores on the surface of the DIY leather mosaic are clearer and the lines are more natural. The microfiber DIY leather mosaic is an artificial skin, without pores, but with more regular lines.


Today, DIY leather mosaics are comparable to high-end natural DIY leather mosaics in terms of internal microstructure, appearance, texture, physical properties, and people's wearing comfort.

In addition, the microfiber synthetic leather is superior to natural leather in terms of chemical resistance, quality uniformity, large-scale production and processing adaptability, waterproof, and mildew proof. 

Artificial leather and DIY leather mosaics are used in the decoration of bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles, and furniture, and are increasingly recognized by the market. DIY leather mosaic has a wide application range, large quantity, and variety. DIY leather mosaic cannot be satisfied by traditional natural leather.

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