What are the advantages of leather wall panels?
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What are the advantages of leather wall panels?

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With the provision of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for all walks of life are getting higher and higher. In the decoration industry, to meet the needs of customers, a lot of decoration materials have appeared on the market recently, but there is a decoration material that everyone likes, that is, my favorite is leather wall panels. Nowadays, leather wall panels are used in many places. So, what are the advantages of leather wall panels that are loved by people? Let's take a look.

Here is the content list:

  • Good heat preservation and heat insulation effect

  • Good sound insulation

  • Fire prevention

  • Relatively high hardness

  • Good moisture resistance

  • Green

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to scrub without changing shape

  • Fashion space

  • Save space

Good heat preservation and heat insulation effect

The temperature difference between the installation room and the ordinary board installation room is 7 degrees; the difference is 10 degrees compared with paint. It is the best material for wall decoration in the hot summer in the south and the cold winter in the north. The leather wall panel has a unique thermal insulation performance, which completely solves the problem of sun exposure on the top floor when the product is applied to the balcony, sunroom, and top floor of the villa, achieving obvious energy-saving effects. At the same time, it is also an energy-saving decoration material strongly advocated by the country. 

Good sound insulation

The sound insulation effect of the leather wall panel is very good. Through the national authoritative inspection, the sound insulation effect can reduce the sound by 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of a wall, which can greatly reduce the noise. Give people a good rest and a comfortable sleep environment.

Fire prevention

The leather wall panel has passed the national authoritative inspection and belongs to the B1 fire rating, which meets the fire protection requirements of the project.

High hardness

The leather wall panel is pressed and compounded at high temperatures, so the hardness is very high. The use of leather wall panels can better protect the wall.

Good moisture resistance

The leather wall panel has a good moisture-proof effect, and there will be no furniture mold or water leakage. In particular, it solves the leakage problem of southern home improvement walls.


The materials used in the leather wall panels are all environmentally friendly. After installation, there is no smell. If the room is decorated as a whole, there will be no paint process. This solves the paint smell of the decoration materials. If you install it today, you can move in tomorrow, which greatly saves time.

Easy to install

The leather wall panel material is very convenient and quick to install, even in a rough house. Save labor and time, and you can move in directly after installation.

Easy to scrub without deformation

The surface of the leather wall panel is strong and can be directly scrubbed with a cloth, which completely solves the problem of difficult scrubbing of leather wall panel decoration products. The polyurethane composite technology used in the leather wall panel can achieve the effect of no deformation and no aging after the product is formed.

Fashion space

The leather wall panel can be used for multiple functions, and it can be directly buckled, joined butt-connected, and other dream combinations.

Save space

The leather wall panel can be directly installed on the wall with screws without a base, and the thickness can be saved at least 5-10 cm.

Our company is committed to the production of leather wall panels for many years, all the products in the factory will go through several experiments. Our company has an experienced R & D team and perfect after-sales service, so you do not have to worry about it. If you are interested in our products, you can contact me. Our website is https://www.tangramdecor.com/.

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