What are the advantages of the 3D leather wall sheet?
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What are the advantages of the 3D leather wall sheet?

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The 3D leather wall sheet is an innovative interior decoration material, which is unique in product sophistication and aesthetics, creating amazing effects. Let us understand the various advantages of the 3D leather wall sheet used on different occasions, which will help people choose the right decorative products.

Here is the content list:

  • Natural environmental protection

  • Freedom

  • Convenient

  • Scrub resistant, colored

  • Elegant and beautiful 

  • Safe and comfortable

Natural environmental protection

Renewable plant fiber is the raw material for the production of 3D leather wall sheets. It is formed by physical technology and is 100% biodegradable. The use of such environmentally friendly materials can maintain the earth's green ecology. This product has a unique thermal insulation performance, which completely solves the top layer of sunlight when the product is applied to the balcony, sunroom, and the top space of the villa. Achieve obvious energy-saving effect, and it is also a highly-advocated energy-saving decorative material.


For environmentally friendly products, paint and latex paint can be used for free coloring and surface treatment. The size is simple, but the combination is rich in variety, and it is easy to create an exclusive space. Through the collage of color and size, the 3D leather wall sheet can give a unique atmosphere to space. From home space to commercial space, it can create a unique style and quickly improve the texture of the space.


The 3D leather wall sheet has lightweight. Install with silica gel and universal glue, and can be cut directly with a utility knife, which can be easily and quickly completed. The 3D leather wall sheet is wear-resistant and waterproof, easy to clean, which can reduce cleaning pressure.

Scrub resistant, colored

For the scrub-resistant products of 3D leather wall sheet, what you see is what you get, no surface treatment is required. The different advantages of environmentally friendly products and scrub-resistant products can meet the various needs of different people.

Elegant and beautiful

The 3D leather wall sheet has many characteristics, including three-dimensional shape, a strong sense of three-dimensional relief. It has a variety of artistic styles, like a Rubik's cube, the same product can be combined with multiple shapes, high-end effects.

Safe and comfortable

Compared with paint, the 3D leather wall sheet can create a better and greener life for the indoor space, and provide an indoor space that is non-toxic, free of heavy metals, and free of formaldehyde. After the home improvement is completed, you can move in directly without any harm to the human body. In addition, the 3D leather wall sheet has good elasticity, which can give you a good sense of experience. What’ more, it can effectively reduce external noise, and has the effect of anti-collision and shock absorption.

Compared with ceramic tiles, it can prevent moisture and avoid the phenomenon of water droplets hanging on the wall during the rainy season.

The fire protection level tested by the authoritative department reaches the B1 level, which means that the 3D leather wall sheet meets the fire protection requirements of the project.

Apart from these advantages, the products provided by our company have the characteristics of fast construction, few joints, and lavishness and they use synthetic leather. If you need the 3D leather wall sheet in your daily life or business, you can consider using our cost-effective products. You can contact us: http://www.tangramdecor.com/. 

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