What are the characteristics of acoustic panels?
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What are the characteristics of acoustic panels?

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Acoustic panels are a form of ornamental material, due to their sensible sound insulation and sound absorption result, additional and additional folks like it. With the progressively serious sound pollution in life, everybody typically regards sound insulation as a crucial decoration normal throughout the decoration. The result of sound-absorbing panels is incredibly sensible, therefore what are the characteristics of acoustic panels? Here are some introductions. 

Here is the content list:

  • A unique appearance and good sound absorption performance

  • Sturdy structure

  • Easy to put in

  • Antibacterial and moisture-proof

  • Energy-saving and heat insulation, long life

The unique appearance and good sound absorption performance

On the surface, the satiny texture of the surface offer a primitive roughness. What several trendy folks pursue may be a come to nature. The surface may also be sprayed. the number of sprays may be up to six times, and its expertise isn't low. The acoustic panels have a natural wood texture, straightforward and natural; it conjointly contains a bright and bright vogue that reflects the trendy rhythm. The merchandise is extraordinarily ornamental. It may be embellished with natural wood grain, patterns, and alternative ornamental effects PRN to supply a decent visual enjoyment.

Sturdy structure 

They have a robust structure, robust physical property, and impact resistance. It will face up to the perennial impacts of basketball, football, volleyball, etc. within the structure, and it'll not be broken or cracked. It shows however robust its impact resistance is.

Easy to put in

The installation of the acoustic panels is straightforward, as long because the plasterboard and also the skinny board are screwed along, however, the flatness of the surface of the acoustic panels should be ensured. Then glue on one facet of the board, then install the acoustic panels, and eventually cowl the sound-absorbing board with a layer of sound-absorbing dielectric. Generally, the thickness is concerning forty metric linear units, the density is maintained at thirty-two kilogram per square measure, and also the length may be adjusted in step with Tailor it to your desires.

Antibacterial and moisture-proof

The acoustic panels 25mm board may be used underneath eighty-fifth humidness conditions, as well as open and swimming pools unless it's in direct contact with water. acoustic panels may be a reasonably sound-absorbing material with excellent moisture-proof performance. Moisture-proof acoustic panels refer to a high-efficiency sound-absorbing board that may stop wetness. This product is especially utilized in theaters, gymnasiums, basements, conference rooms, libraries, family villas, etc. particularly appropriate for the basement house, not solely has robust sound-absorbing decoration performance, however conjointly has excellent moisture-proof performance.

Energy-saving and heat insulation, long life

Another vital advantage of victimization acoustic panels is that they need sensible thermal insulation, as a result of the acoustic panels' are chiefly made from wood and have thermal conduction of but zero.07. it's a robust thermal insulation result, is economical and sturdy, and might be while to use. The acoustic panels have high fireplace resistance and sensible heat insulation, the fireplace resistance level has reached B1 level, and also the flame agent performance is superb. 

Our company is located in Putian City, Fujian Province, and has been committed to producing acoustic panels for many years. All products will undergo several experiments before they leave the factory. If you are interested in our products or engaged in related work, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.tangramdecor.com/.

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