What are the precautions for installing leather wall panels?
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What are the precautions for installing leather wall panels?

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The load-bearing wall of the leather wall panel structure can be made of bricks, blocks, prefabricated or cast-in-place concrete. The leather wall panel is a kind of decoration building material used by many of us, but if the installation method is wrong, it may fall off after a period of use, which will seriously affect the aesthetics of the interior. So, what are the precautions when installing leather wall panels? Next are some considerations.

Here is the content list:

  • Pay attention to the construction location

  • Pay attention to preparation

  • Pay attention to patching

  • Pay attention to maintenance

Pay attention to the construction location

For leather wall panel construction, the large surface should be made first and then the opening should be made, and the installation should be started from the joint of the wall column.

Pay attention to preparation

Clean up the dust on the construction work surface, pop up the leather wall panel position line on the wall, floor, and ceiling according to the design requirements, mark the window opening and pipeline direction and reserve holes, pop up the assembly line, and check the flatness of the ground. 

Coat the top and side edges of the leather wall panel with adhesive. The thickness of the adhesive should not be less than 5mm, and the scraping should be even.

Pay attention to patching

When the board needs to be patched, it is cut according to the actual size of the board. The vertical incision is sealed and filled with cement mortar, and the micro-adhesive is still required when splicing.

The leather wall panel should be moistened before the wall panel and the doors and windows before patching. When the leather wall panel is erected, you can use a crowbar to forcefully squeeze the side into place, and correct the verticality and the flatness of the adjacent board in time to make the joints close and straight, the gap should not be greater than 5mm, and the extruded adhesive should be smoothed in time Fill it up and then use a wooden wedge to top it tightly at the bottom of the leather wall panel.

After the leather wall panel is fully positioned, the bottom of the leather wall panel must be filled with 1:3 cement mortar, and the joints should be pasted with glass fiber mesh cloth.

Pay attention to maintenance

After installing the wall, the curing time should not be less than one week. The wooden wedges can be removed only when the joint-filing concrete has a strength of 1.5MPa, and the holes should be filled with sand. Drilling is strictly prohibited during the curing period to avoid vibration and cracking of the wall.

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