What are the precautions for using 3D wall covering?
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What are the precautions for using 3D wall covering?

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To improve the standard of life, people pay additional attention to the environmental atmosphere, inventive quality, color vogue, etc. of interior decoration. below the promotion of such demand, 3D wall covering seems in people's sight. However if the strategy is wrong, it should fall off when an amount of use, which can seriously affect the performance of the 3D wall covering. So, what are the precautions when using 3D wall covering? Next are some considerations.

Here is the content list:

  • Pay attention to clean the wall

  • Pay attention to construction skills

  • Pay attention to the body of the glue

  • Pay attention to details when construction

Pay attention to clean the wall

When projecting the 3D wall covering, it's best to not expose the cement. you'll scrape the putty 1st, so even pastel 3D wall coverings won't affect the looks, otherwise very cheap could also be exposed, which is incredibly impactful. Beautiful, and when the wall is colorless, it's necessary to make sure the flatness of the wall and therefore the corners, particularly the rule and rule corners, that many of us can ignore. If the massive space is uneven, it'll not solely affect the accomplishment, however additionally simply harm the 3D wall material, terribly hard.

3D wall covering has the sturdy anti-oxidation ability, thus albeit it's used for a protracted time, it'll not cause discoloration, the color is comparatively clear and tasking to fade. below traditional impacts, the 3D wall covering won't cause any harm, thus albeit youngsters graffiti, impact, projecting stickers, etc., 3D wall covering will effectively combat these issues.

Pay attention to construction skills

Pasting 3D wall covering needs heaps of skills. as an example, before applying 3D wall covering, brush the bottom film 1st, which may prolong the service life of the wall covering, otherwise you got to shut the doors and windows throughout construction. The 3D wall covering of the corner has been blown by the wind, and it's vulnerable to distortion. If you have got no expertise, you need to realize a professional teacher, otherwise, the impact of the 3D wall covering could also be unacceptable.

Pay attention to the body of the glue

The glue used for pasting the 3D wall covering has to have consistency, and there ought to be no impurities mixed into it, thus on avoid flatness issues. once projecting the 3D wall covering at the corner, the adhesive should be strengthened, and therefore the cut flowers should be ready to make sure the general look of the impact. If it's tough to align the pattern, it should be a self-printing drawback.

Pay attention to details when construction

After the development of the 3D wall covering is completed, some details got to be paid attention to, like ventilation, cleaning, and maintenance. concentrate on those details, an area embellished with wall coverings will continuously maintain a gorgeous and clean impact. we tend to should dry the wall covering within the shade. when the 3D wall covering is affixed, the doors and windows ought to be closed for 2-3 days to form the 3D wall covering dry within the shade. space right away when the 3D wall covering is oxygenated can cause the wall covering to bulge. we must always additionally concentrate on moisture-proof and ventilation. once the air humidness is high, the windows ought to be enclosed time to forestall the invasion of wet air outside the house; once the weather is sweet, the windows ought to be opened in time for ventilation.

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