What are the structures of acoustic panels?
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What are the structures of acoustic panels?

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The acoustic panels are a perfect sound-absorbing ornamental material. it's the benefits of sound absorption, environmental protection, flame agent, heat insulation, heat preservation, wet resistance, mildew resistance, simple mud removal, simple cutting, parquet, straightforward construction, sensible stability, etc. So, what square measure the structures of acoustic panels? Here square measure some introductions.

Here is the content list:

  • Sound-absorbing wedge

  • Diffuser

  • Aluminum honeycomb perforation

  • Wood perforation

Sound-absorbing wedge

The sound wedge of the acoustic panel may be a special sound-absorbing structural material utilized in the sector of robust sound absorption. it's fashioned and cut from porous (or fibrous) material, and created into a cone-shaped or cut sound absorbent, that is robust and doesn't deform. The invention is appropriate for a robust current of air atmosphere, and also the main purpose may be a high-quality room, which may additional effectively absorb low frequencies, eliminate standing waves, and eliminate echoes. The sound absorptance of the low cutoff frequency is larger than zero.99. formed sound-absorbing wedge made from polyester encompasses an additional cheap value than the normal sound-absorbing wedge.


In addition to all or any the functions of the flat acoustic panel, the diffuser acoustic panel also can transmit sound waves at totally different angles through its three-dimensional surface, eliminate blind spots within the diffusion method, improve sound quality, balance the sound, scale back the main focus, and weaken the treble to atone for the bass.

product structure: There square measure three-dimensional triangular or cylindrical grooves on the front of the MDF, circular holes on the rear, structural sound-absorbing materials, ornamental paint (color may be designated per client requirements), and fireproof sound-absorbing material on the rear.Application range: Television stations, cinemas, opera homes, concert halls, conference centers, gymnasiums, sound rooms, homes, searching malls, hotels, karaoke, lounges, restaurants, etc.


Aluminum honeycomb perforation

The structure of the metallic element honeycomb perforated acoustic panel consists of a perforated plate and a perforated backplate. The metallic element honeycomb sandwich structure is directly secure with a high-quality adhesive associated with a metallic element honeycomb core, and a layer is connected between the honeycomb core and also the panel, and also the backplate. Acoustic material. Since the honeycomb core within the metallic element honeycomb panel is separated into multiple closed chambers, airflow is prevented, the propagation of sound waves is hindered, the sound absorptance of the acoustic panel (up to zero.9 or more), and also the strength of the acoustic panel itself is improved. the dimensions of the veneer may be enlarged, that any improves the degree of freedom of style. per the look of indoor acoustics, different perforation rates may be designed, and also the sound absorptance of the combined structure may be controlled among an exact vary, which may not solely attain the look impact, however conjointly moderately management the value of the acoustic panel. Through the management of the perforation aperture and hole spacing, and alter the perforation rate per client needs, the most perforation rate is a smaller amount than thirty, and also the aperture is usually a pair of.0, 2.5, and 3. The specification is zero, the perforation demand of the lowest plate is that the same as that of the acoustic panel, and also the sound-absorbing material is formed of high-quality non-woven material and different sound-absorbing materials.

Wood perforation

The perforated wallboard has cylindrical through holes penetrating the front and rear of the wallboard, and a backing material having a breathable backing material and a sound-absorbing material capable of engrossing incident sound energy is connected to the rear of the mineral. The sound absorption mechanism is that there square measure an outsized variety of small connecting holes within the fabric, and also the sound waves on the holes will penetrate the within of the fabric, and also the friction with the fabric converts sound energy into heat. The sound absorption characteristic of porous sound-absorbing materials is that the sound absorptance bit by bit will increase with the rise of frequency, which implies that there's no high-frequency absorption for low-frequency absorption. this could any improve the performance of the acoustic panel.

Our company is located in Putian City, Fujian Province, and has been committed to producing acoustic panels for many years. All products will undergo several experiments before they leave the factory. If you are interested in our products or engaged in related work, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.tangramdecor.com/.

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