What is Diy leather mosaic?
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What is Diy leather mosaic?

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Diy leather mosaics are now commonly used in daily life decoration. Diy leather mosaics are more and more popular, and more and more people are entering the field of vision. So what is a day leather mosaic? Let's take a look at it.

Here is the content list:

  • Introduction of mosaic 

  • Scope of application 

  • Leather

  • Related

Introduction of Diy leather mosaic

Diy leather mosaic is not material, or pixel, or style, not a blocky fig leaf in the lens or picture, nor is it equal to a small grid or decoration. It is an artistic term, mosaic is equal to mosaic craft. As an ancient mosaic technique, mosaic has always occupied a pivotal position in the field of mural art. In ancient Rome, if anyone had a good education or a lot of wealth, whether he would spend his time making mosaic murals can be a glimpse because the production of mosaic murals is very exhausting. The average person could not afford it at the time.

Scope of application 

In addition to decoration, there are also more mosaic handicrafts, such as flower pots, lampshades, coasters, pendants, and so on. Good to enhance the style of the home, create a literary, retro, and gorgeous atmosphere.


The leather of Diy leather mosaic is synthetic leather, and synthetic leather is relative to "leather" (ie genuine leather). Also called artificial leather, synthetic leather. There is no standard statement about synthetic leather in our country. Generally, it is divided into PVC artificial leather and PU synthetic leather according to the type of surface resin.

Due to different synthetic resins used in artificial leather, different types of substrates, different production processes, different foaming, and different uses, artificial leather can be divided into many types. Here, artificial leather is classified according to the synthetic resin used, the base material, the presence or absence of foaming, the production process, and the purpose. 


The utility model relates to the technical field of decorative building materials, in particular to a leather mosaic. The Diy leather mosaic of the utility model has various shapes and varieties and is made by a mechanical process, which is very environmentally friendly and fireproof. It includes a patterned leather layer, leather the inner and lower parts of the layer are covered with an aluminum skin layer, and the inner and lower parts of the aluminum skin layer are covered with an iron skin layer. A buffer is arranged between the aluminum skin layer and the iron skin layer. Inside and below the aluminum skin layer, the leather layer, aluminum skin layer, and iron skin layer are square.

Diy leather mosaics are becoming more and more common for us. Our company is located in Putian City, Fujian Province. The company has been committed to producing Diy leather mosaics for many years, allowing consumers to apply Diy leather mosaics to more uses. If you are interested in Diy leather mosaic products, you can contact us. Our company's website is https://www.tangramdecor.com/. Thank you for your support of our company.

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