What is a leather wall panel?
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What is a leather wall panel?

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The leather wall panel is made of Chevron board and leather as the main raw materials. The whole production process will not produce any harmful ingredients, which completely avoids the harm to the human body caused by the release of formaldehyde in the material. Leather wall panels are mainly used in home interior decoration and office interior decoration. In addition, what else do you know about leather wall panels? More introduction follows.

Here is the content list:

  • Scope of use

  • Advantage

  • Features

Scope of use

Leather wall panels can be used in home improvement restaurants, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, TV backgrounds, tooling hotels, lounges, entertainment venues, meeting rooms, offices, halls, hotels, etc.


Compared with ordinary decoration, a leather wall panel saves about 20,000 labor costs (due to different decoration concepts and different cost savings, this data cannot be directly defined). This product does not treat the surface of the rough room and can be installed directly. After the wallpaper is installed, the surface is not easy to clean. This product is better than wallpaper. The moisture-proof performance of the wallpaper is poor. Once it is damp, it will appear mildew and fall off. The leather wall panel will not change when it meets water. Compared with paint, leather wall panels have a strong environmental protection performance. After the home decoration is completed, you can move in directly without any harm to the human body. Compared with ceramic tiles, leather wall panels can prevent moisture and avoid the phenomenon of water droplets hanging on the walls during the rainy season. The colors of the products are diverse. In the actual use process, customers can change the product assembly requirements according to their requirements, and they are fashionable and beautiful. 


Leather wall panels show good weather resistance when used in a variety of climatic conditions, and show good corrosion resistance in acid, alkali, salt, and other chemically corrosive environments. The waterproof performance of the leather wall panel is outstanding. It is used in 15-90 degree slope roof construction without a waterproof layer. Wind-resistant and earthquake-resistant 90-degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable and can withstand strong winds of level 12. The material with good fireproof performance has a combustion resistance grade of B1, which is a flame-retardant material. Good silencing and heat insulation performance the porous foamed core layer has good silencing and heat insulation properties. Large area, lightweight, body material, reduce building load. Rich in color, long-lasting and stable fluorocarbon paint coating, rich in color, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance, mildew-free, and rain as new. Leather wall panel has high toughness and high strength, which has better toughness and strength than similar products. Leather wall panels can be nailed, drilled, sawed, and planed directly, and can easily handle special roof shapes such as facades and arc windows.

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