What is an acoustic panel?
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What is an acoustic panel?

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The acoustic panel is a perfect sound-absorbing ornamental material. it's the benefits of sound absorption, environmental protection, flame agent, simple mud removal, simple cutting, and might be parquet. it's typically used for sound absorption in massive theaters, concert halls, theaters, studios, textile factories, and alternative places; and their a spread of colors to settle on from, and there is a sensible appearance. In addition, what else do one-fathom acoustic panels do? The additional introduction follows.

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  • Features

  • Advantage

  • Scope of use


The material features: 100% polyester is hot-pressed with engineering and created within the form of cocoon cotton to understand the variety of density and guarantee ventilation. it's a superb product in sound absorption and warmth insulation materials. The very best sound absorptance is zero within the noise vary of 125~4000HZ. Above, in line with totally different desires, shorten the adjustment reverberation time, take away sound impurities, improve the effect, and improve the clarity of speech. the merchandise has the characteristics of decoration, heat preservation, flame agent, environmental protection, lightweight weight, simple process, stability, impact resistance, and straightforward maintenance. acoustic panels have become the well-liked sound-absorbing material for interior decoration.


The acoustic panels have the characteristics of sound absorption, heat insulation, and warmth preservation, and therefore the material of the board is uniform and solid, flexible, tough, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, tear-resistant, tough to be damaged, and enormous. The fireproof performance of sound-absorbing materials in theaters, dance halls, auditoriums, multi-function halls, gymnasiums, and alternative public gathering places is extremely necessary. The acoustic panels have been tested by the National hearth Testing Center for hearth protection parameters, and therefore the results show that it's sensible hearth performance and meets the necessities of the national normal GB8624B1.In addition, The acoustic panels are the same as those of alternative porous materials. The acoustic panels constant will increase with the rise of frequency. The high-frequency sound absorptance is extremely massive. The cavity on the rear and therefore the abstraction sound-absorbing body shaped by it will greatly improve the sound absorption of the fabric performance. The noise reduction constant is concerning zero.8-1.10, which becomes a wide-band high-efficiency sound absorbent. The acoustic panels have a powerful structure, robust physical property, and impact resistance. It will stand up to recurrent impacts of basketball, soccer, and volleyball within the sports stadium while not inflicting injury or cracking.

Scope of use

The acoustic panel's management of the reverberation time of hall sound quality, such as hall, recording studio, examination space, multi-function hall, auditorium, etc., by composing applicable sound-absorbing materials to realize reverberation time.

For public transportation buildings, such as air terminal, terminal lounge, etc. thanks to the departure of the train and ship, the delay time, and alternative data. The arrangement of The acoustic panel's materials, on the one hand, improves the clarity of broadcast information; on the opposite hand, reduces the noise of passengers and makes the surroundings quieter.

Improve the sound insulation of the skinny board wall. Such as wallboard, FC board, and incombustible metal cement board, etc., filling the bed with porous acoustic panels materials, like dielectric, nonconductor, etc., will considerably improve the sound insulation impact.

Our company is found in Putian town, Fujian Province, and has been committed to manufacturing acoustic panels for several years. All merchandise can bear many experiments before they leave the plant. If you're curious about our merchandise or engaged in connected work, you'll contact the US. Our website is https://www.tangramdecor.com/.

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